Rescue bat loves pets

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@mimis__wildlife_journey 3/21 9:30 pm

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credit - mimis__wildlife_journey/Instagram

When I would pet him,
you could see
that he really liked it.
He would close his eyes
and he'd look content. 02 with audio

46:55 i'm amelia...geobeats
Bobby's Story by GeoBeats Animals
visual 37t39 with audio
(face above top line
(s -

I am a volunteer wildlife rescuer
(on camera - 10% faster
(crop frame like

I live in Tweed Heads,
Northern New South Wales,
near the Queensland border. 19t21
(s -
(e -
(bit of audio -

Last year there was
a starvation event
about October, November, 00
(bit of audi -

these baby bats were just
dropping outta the sky all 20 with audio

pretty much all over the
east coast of Australia from
Queensland New South Wales
to Victoria. 22 with audio