The SKINNY on Drake Maye & Jayden Daniels | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast Mailbag Edition

  • 4 months ago
In the latest episode of the Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast with Nick Cattles, hosts Greg and Nick discuss several important topics affecting the New England Patriots and the AFC East. They start by analyzing the impact of the Buffalo Bills trading Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans and consider how this move shifts the balance within the division. They then assess the current state of the AFC East and debate whether the Patriots have a chance to compete for the top spot.

The conversation also includes insights into the upcoming NFL Draft, specifically focusing on quarterbacks. Greg and Nick share coaching intel on prospects like Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, and JJ McCarthy, based on Bruce Feldman of The Athletic's mock draft. Additionally, they address questions from BSJ members, with a particular emphasis on which wide receivers the Patriots should target in the draft to improve their offensive lineup.


0:00 Bills trade Stefon Diggs to the Texans

3:40 Should Pats have been involved?

8:45 Are the Bills done?

12:40 How does the AFC East stack up … do the Patriots have a chance?

16:13 Coaching intel on the draft QBs via Bruce Feldman of The Athletic in his mock draft

17:00 2. Commanders: Jayden Daniels

18:10 3. Patriots: Drake Maye

20:45 4. Vikings (trade up): JJ McCarthy

27:36 BSJ member mailbag questions

27:30 What WRs do you think the Patriots should be interested in drafting?

30:45 Greg's ideal plan for Draft

33:47 JJ McCarthy

36:55 Did Tyquan pick hurt Matt Groh?