What Kind of Scoring Will the Bruins Target This Summer? | Bruins Beat

  • last month
Evan Marinofsky and Conor Ryan sit down to discuss the Bruins's offseason outlook and the comments made by Don Sweeney on where exactly the Bruins need offensive help. That, and much more!

0:30 - Bruins offseason plans
3:30 - Don Sweeney's comment on secondary scoring
5:00 - Interpretation of Sweeney's statement
6:07 - Secondary scoring importance
7:40 - Considering high-priced players
9:40 - Diversifying offseason moves
11:25 - Free agent uncertainties
13:00 - Importance of middle position
15:01 - Future cap flexibility
17:26 - Top Center upgrade
20:37 - Lindholm's fit
22:48 - Comparing Lindholm to ROR
24:41 - Lindholm fitting Bruins' needs
25:57 - Options for Bruins' offseason
27:00 - Upcoming events and coverage

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