What Will Bruins Do This Summer? w/ Conor Ryan | Pucks with Haggs

  • last month
Joe Haggerty is joined by Boston.com's Conor Ryan to discuss the Bruins' upcoming offseason plans. They start with the anticipation surrounding the Boston Bruins' offseason and move on to the pressure on Don Sweeney and the management group. They talk about the importance of making the right choices with big free agents and advocate for acquiring a big-money impact player. The conversation continues with addressing the potential loss of Jake DeBrusk and embracing old-school physical hockey.

0:00 - Intro
1:38 - Discussion on the Boston Bruins' off-season anticipation
4:01 - Pressure on Don Sweeney and the Bruins' management group
5:42 - Importance of making the right choices with big free agents
7:25 - Advocating for a big money impact player
9:05 - Addressing the potential loss of Jake DeBrusk
14:27 - Embracing old school physical hockey
17:26 - Evaluating Bruins' top line and second line players
20:59 - Targeting impactful free agent like Sam Reinhart
23:29 - Identifying the need for a top center in the team
26:01 - Discussing the potential impact of acquiring Elias Lindholm
28:56 - Last minute deals on Game Time app
30:36 - Omar's contract considerations and potential trade scenarios
32:07 - Evaluating the potential trade impact for Bruins and Carolina
36:26 - Carolina needs changes for better performance
38:48 - Florida-Edmonton not a nightmare scenario for NHL
41:10 - Importance of star players in NHL marketing
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