US World War 1 Tanks That Need Adding to War Thunder

  • 2 months ago
Today we continue our look at World War 1 tanks that need adding to War Thunder by taking a look at the American designs of World War 1, of which their are many, though all being produced too late to see combat during World War 1.

So join me as we take a look at these designs, from conventional tanks like the M1917 Light Tank all the way to unique designs like the Skeleton tank and Steam Tank Wheeled!

Intro: 00:00
Prototype designs: 00:46
Production designs: 09:07
British and French tanks in US Service: 14:31

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Tanks featured in this episode ⬇️
Victoria/Hamilton Tank
C.L.B 75 Tracklayer
Holt Gas Electric Tank
Steam Tank (Tracked)
Steam Tank (Wheeled)
Skeleton Tank
M1918 Ford 3 Ton Tank
M1917 Light Tank
M1917A1 Light Tank
Mark VIII Heavy Tank, also referred to as the International or Liberty Tank
Renault FT-17
Mark V Heavy Tank

Game: War Thunder ⬅️

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