War Thunder Kings of Battle Update - Tanks!

  • 6 months ago
With the release of the Kings of Battle update it is time for us to take stock of all the new tanks that have been introduced in this new update, such as the various US M109 artillery vehicles, massive British Vickers Mk 11 armoured car, Italian Leopard 40/70 SPAA vehicle and many more!

So join me as we look at all of the various tanks introduced in the update as well as give my overall final thoughts on the tanks added in the update as a whole!

Intro: 00:00
M109A1 (US): 00:14
T54E2: 01:56
M109G (Germany): 04:02
BTR-152D: 05:19
Object 775: 06:49
Vickers Mk 11: 09:04
M109A1 (UK): 11:20
Type 81 (C): 12:11
PLZ83: 14:38
Leopard 40/70: 16:31
M109G (Italy): 20:13
M26 Pershing (France): 21:05
AMX-10P: 22:18
PBV-501: 23:56
M109 (Israel): 25:54
Overall Thoughts on the New Tanks: 27:18

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