Italian Tanks That Need Adding To War Thunder - Part 2
  • 6 months ago
In this episode we take a look at more Italian Tanks that still need adding to War Thunder, from the Prototype P-40, showcasing early Italian efforts in developing heavy tanks, the Fiat 2000, a monstrous tank that was the largest built in World War I and the Semovente L3 da 47/32, an early Italian effort at developing tank destroyers on CV 35 tankette chassis.

So join me today in looking at these vehicles, their history, stats, how they will play in War Thunder and why I think they should be added to War Thunder!

Intro: 00:00
P40 Heavy Tank Prototype - 75/18: 00:20
Fiat 2000: 08:12
Semovente L3 da 47/32: 14:54

Italian Tanks that need adding to War Thunder - Part 1:

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War Thunder for ingame stats.

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