Swiss Tanks That Need Adding to War Thunder - Part 2 - Cold War and Modern Era
  • 2 months ago
So having looked at Swiss tanks of the World War II era it is now time to take a look at Swiss tanks of the Cold War and Modern era, from the rather cool Panzer 58 to Swiss attempts to mount a 140mm gun on a Leopard 2 and many more!

Intro and early Swiss foreign tanks: 00:00
KW 30 (1952): 01:07
Panzer 58 and its prototypes: 02:42
Panzer 61: 07:02
Panzer 68 and variants: 10:18
Panzer 68 ET: 14:00
Panzer 87 with a 140mm gun: 16:42

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Full list of differences on the Panzer 68 compared to the Panzer 61:

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