The Hidden Tanks of War Thunder - Fact and Fiction
  • 6 months ago
Having looked at many tanks that still need adding to War Thunder, today we take a look at 3 tanks that were implemented when tanks were first introduced to War Thunder, but have since been removed, only remaining available to those lucky enough too already own them.

But why were these tanks added to War Thunder in the first place and why were they later removed?

Today we will take a look at these tanks, their history, stats, their historical authenticity and ultimately answer just why these tanks were added and why they were subsequently removed!

Introduction: 00:00
Panther II: 02:15
Tiger II (10.5 cm Kw.K): 06:26
Coelian/Flakpanzer 341: 08:38
Hidden Premium Tanks?: 12:07

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War Thunder for ingame music.
Icelandic Arpeggios by DivKid
Lens by Bobby Richards
I Am Running down the Long Hallway by Chris Zabriskie
The Plan's Working by Cooper Cannell

Game: War Thunder