More Japanese Tanks That Need Adding To War Thunder - Part 2
  • 6 months ago
In todays episode we continue our look at Japanese Tanks that need adding to War Thunder, focusing on Japan's most advanced late war designs, such as the Type 5 Ke-Ho light tank, the Type 5 Ho-Ru tank destroyer and a Type 5 Na-To variant armed with a Japanese produced variant of the Pak 41, the Type Ge.

Overall these tanks would be a great boon to the Japanese Tank Tech Tree, giving access to more advanced tank desgins, helping to fill in some gaps in the tech and allowing players to use and learn more about these rather obscure vehicles.

Intro: 00:00
Type 5 Ke-Ho: 00:26
Type 5 Ho-Ru: 05:25
Type Ge Armed Type 5 Na-To: 11:09

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