German Tanks That Need Adding To War Thunder Part 2

  • 7 months ago
Having previously looked at German Tanks I think should be added to War Thunder, we take another look at some German tanks that I think should be added to War Thunder, from unique light tanks like the Panzer II L "Luchs" and tank destroyers like the RSO/Pak 40 to a vehicle that like the Stug IV has yet to be released despite indications it would be added to War Thunder very early in the German tank tech trees developments.

So join me as we take a look a the history of these vehicles, their stats and how and why I think they should be added to War Thunder!

Intro: 00:00
Panzer II L “Luchs": 00:32
RSO/Pak 40: 05:08
Stug III C: 00: 08:58

German Tanks That Need Adding to War Thunder series
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Information sources
Chamberlain, Peter and Doyle, Hilary L: Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two (1970)
Ness, Leland: Jane's - World War II Tanks and Fighting Vehicles - The Complete Guide (2002)
War Thunder for ingame stats

Picture sources
Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. L “Luchs”

Game: War Thunder