War Thunder Sons of Attila Update - Tanks!

  • 6 months ago
With the release of the Sons of Attila update in War Thunder, its time to take a look at the new tanks introduced in the update, from the various Hungarian tanks introduced in the Hungarian subtree, top tier German Leopard 2 PSO and French Leclerc AZUR, the powerful Russian 2S1 Gvozdika and many more!

Intro: 00:00
Improved Chaparral (American): 00:16
Leopard 2 PSO: 01:48
TO-55 Flamethrower Tank: 03:53
2S1 Gvozdika (Soviet): 05:27
Bhishma Squadron Tank: 07:19
TKX (P): 09:30
M41A3: 11:36
MBT-2000: 13:05
39M Csaba: 15:09
Turan I: 16:40
Zrinyi II: 18:32
Turan III: 20:20
2S1 Gvozdika (Hungarian): 22:25
BTR-80A (Hungarian): 22:41
T-72M1 (Hungarian): 23:29
Leopard 2A4 (Hungarian): 24:51
KF41: 26:27
ZSU-57-2 (Hungarian): 28:34
ZSU-23-4 (Hungarian): 29:09
AMX-10M: 29:40
Leclerc AZUR: 31:38
Pvkv IV: 34:03
VIDAR: 35:41
Imp.Chaparral (Israel): 37:23

Link to full Sons of Attila Changelog: https://warthunder.com/en/game/changelog/current/1536

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