Fire — Could You Understand Me 1973 (Yugoslavia, Heavy Psychedelic/Hard Rock)

  • 2 years ago
The only album of the group from the Croatian city of Čakovec, the largest in Međimurska County. One of the heaviest and loudest bands in Yugoslavia in the 70s. But few people knew them there ... Because, firstly, they sang mainly in English. And, secondly, the authorities simply forbade them to perform, since the group was uncompromising and did not enter into any negotiations with the authorities (including about fees). So they just went to Holland where they recorded and released this album. But concerts in Holland and Germany did not lead to success, and at the end of 1976 "Fire" returned home, where they created a strange symbiosis with the pop group "Demoni" ... They began to be called "Demoni Fire".

01. Could You Understand Me — 3:31
02. Dedicated To Love — 2:58
03. Memory Of You — 4:58
04. Jedan Divan Dan (A Wonderful Day) — 7:20
05. Hey You — 6:26
06. Where Are You — 3:16
07. Flames — 8:44

Jura Havidić — guitars, vocals
Miljenko Balić — bass
Emil Vugrinec — drums, vocals
Joeps Van Hees — producer