Kalevala - Boogie Jungle 1975 (Finland, Progressive Rock, Hard Blues Rock)

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Kalevala - Boogie Jungle 1975 (Finland, Progressive Rock, Hard Blues Rock)

Kalevala - a group of Helsinki, founded in 1969 by bassist Juha "Lido" Salonen, guitarist Albert Järvinen and drummer / vocalist Remu Aaltonen. The original name - Vietnam, but was soon renamed the Kalevala (that Finns have been more logical) ... In 1971 Aaltonen left to create a group Hurriganes, where he played until now. Shortly after it went to the same, and Jarvinen. And in the "Kalevala," came the guitarist / writer Matti Kurkinen, drummer and vocalist Markku Luukkonen Harri Saksala. And in 1972 the label released the album Finnlevy People No Names, which is considered one of the best alb ohm Scandinavian prog 70s. The lyrics - in English. The group then moved to the label, Hi-Hat, significantly changing the composition in this transition. Were Salonen (who changed his bass to guitar) and Kurkina, came new bass player, drummer and vocalist ... Salonen and Kurkino wrote the music for the second group LP - Boogie Jungle (1975), wrote the words (and podpel on several tracks), an Englishman Wigwam vocalist Jim Pembroke. The music of this album is very different from the debut album of music - this sounds American boogie rock, hard rock ... After the release of this album in a car crash killed Mattie Kurkino. The group released an album in 1977 Abraham's Blue Refrain (as Kalevala Orchestra), but in 1978 divided

Boogie Jungle (1975): Tracks:
All music by Matti Kurkinen and Juha "Lido" Salonen, lyrics by Jim Pembroke.

01. Mind The Fly Hunter - 4:29

02. Attack At Nineteen Hundred - 2:33

03. If We Found The Time - 3:39

04. Where The Fire's Warm - 3:22

05. Boogie - 4:20

06. Rockin Fish - 2:11

07. Snow Bill - 4:03

08. Capseller - 3:22

09. Jungle - 7:26


- Matti Kurkinen - guitar
- Juha "Lido" Salonen - electric & acoustic guitar, slide guitar
- Zape "Limousine" Leppänen - vocals, percussion
- Ari Vaahtera - bass, Moog synthesizer
- Markku "Beaver" Aitto-Oja - drums
- Jim Pembroke - backing vocals (11-13,15,16)
- Jukka Gustavson - clavinet (12)
- Tommi Liuhala - producer