Charlies Buttocks 1970 Finland Heavy Progressive Rock

  • 2 years ago
In 1970, instead of the second vocalist Juha Saali, a new member joined the group - keyboardist, saxophonist and flutist Igor Sidorov. Perhaps, thanks to his arrival, the band's music moved to a qualitatively different level. Now the blues-rock roots were only the basis for the completely unique heavy progressive sound of "Charlies". The found direction was demonstrated by the second album “Buttocks” released in the same year, which can rightly be called a forgotten masterpiece of the “heavy” scene of the late 60s. Unfortunately, having not achieved success in their homeland, the group broke up.

01. Tuesday Song — 3:30
02. Like The Purpose Told Me — 5:16
03. Smoggy Story — 5:55
04. Try, Try Or You’ll Never Die — 7:49
05. Feeling That Feeling — 3:12
06. Living For Myself (I’m A King Dreamer) — 3:38
07. Madness And Otherkind Of Influences — 5:20
08. For You Catherine And Before You — 6:20

Eero «Ebro» Ravi — guitar, percussion, producer
Igor Sidorow — flute, saxophone, piano
Vesa «Wellu» Lehtinen — vocals, harmonica, Moroccan clay drum, cowbell
Kari «Pitkä» Lehtinen — bass, tambourine
Ari «Kusti» Ahlgrén — drums, percussion