A Euphonious Wail - A Euphonious Wail 1973 (USA, Psychedelic/Progressive/Hard Rock)

  • 2 years ago
The only album of the group from Santa Rosa (California). Doug Huffman began drumming at the age of fourteen and gained experience playing with friends at weddings and private parties. After leaving school, he formed the band A Euphonious Wail with Steve Tracy, Bart Libby and Gary Violetti, and later Suzanne Rey began performing with them. Having accumulated enough of their own material, which was influenced by psychedelic groups from San Francisco, the musicians signed a contract with MCA Records. In 1973, with the help of Lowell Levinger from Youngbloods, an album was recorded and the guys went on a long tour, during which they were lucky enough to play as the opening act for Bloodrock, Steppenwolf and even Black Sabbath. During the beginning of the recording of the second album, Steve Tracy decided to leave his career as a musician and left the band. Their familiar guitarist Sammy Hagar almost joined "A Euphonious Wail", but changed his mind at the last moment. As a result, the group nevertheless broke up.

01. Pony — 4:36
02. We’ve Got The Chance — 4:09
03. Did You Ever — 3:41
04. When I Start To Live — 4:50
05. F# — 3:36
06. Chicken — 4:32
07. Night Out — 2:49
08. Love My Brother — 4:40
09. I Want To Be A Star — 5:29

Suzanne Rey — percussion, vocals
Bart Libby — organ, piano
Steve Tracy — guitar, vocals
Gary Violetti — bass, vocals
Doug Huffman — drums, vocals