Rain — 1971…The Lost Album 2020 (USA, Hard/Blues Rock)

  • last year
An album of previously unreleased stuff by Americans from Rochester, New York. At one time, the group was a real power generator, but unexpectedly for everyone, they disbanded shortly after recording their studio album in 1971. The things they recorded in the summer of 1971, and included in The Lost Album, never came out at the time. Decades later, and after long and careful work with Whazoo Records' catalogue, the band's eight original recordings were finally published by Jargon in the Jargon Records' Time Capsule Series.

01. Me And My Woman — 3:23
02. I Ain’t Got No — 2:24
03. Poor Boy — 3:20
04. St. Louis — 4:24
05. Feels Like Fire — 5:52
06. Boogie With You Mama — 6:15
07. This Is No Place — 6:12
08. Lazy — 5:41

Brad Morse — vocals
Helmut Getto — guitar
Ted Paris — bass
Mick Guerin — drums