Apoteosi — Apoteosi 1975 (Italy, Symphonic Progressive Rock)

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Hailing from Italy's southernmost region of Calabria (Palmi city), Apoteosi were one of those obscure bands that released their only album and then immediately disappeared. The family group was founded by Silvana Ida along with her two brothers, Massimo and Federico Ida. From 1973 they played blues-rock in a band called "The Green Age" along with guitarist Franco Vinci and drummer Marcello Surace. In 1974 they changed their name to Apoteosi and changed their style to progressive rock. In music, the main emphasis is on Massimo's keyboards (he was only 14 at the time) and Silvana's high voice. The album was released in 1975 by a small local label, Said, with little circulation and little distribution, but nevertheless received rave reviews from critics, who called the group the "Italian Camel". It looked like they had a great future ahead of them.

01. Embrion — 2:37
02. Prima Realta’ / Frammentaria Rivolta — 14:40
03. Il Grande Disumano / Oratorio (Chorale) / Attesa — 8:35
04. Dimensione Da Sogno — 3:46
05. Apoteosi — 5:54

Silvana Idà — female vocals
Massimo Idà — keyboards, ARP synthesizer
Federico Idà — bass, flute
Marcello Surace — drums
Franco Vinci — guitar, vocals
Salvatore Idà — producer