Gli Alluminogeni - Scolopendra 1972 (Italy, Symphonic Prog)

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Gli Alluminogeni - Scolopendra 1972 (Italy, Symphonic Prog)

a group of Turin. The group was established in 1966 under the name of Green Grapes (then Vips, then the Bats), and sang bits. A simple bit of an Italian in the amount of five people ... As time went on, skill grew, money was not enough - and they decided to quantify reduced and a different name. Without thinking twice, took the surname of the basis for his graduate keyboardist (who also sang in addition to the sounds of the piano) Patrizio Allumini and in 1970 the group became known as Gli Alluminogeni ... There have been "assigned" to the label Fonit Cetra. In 1970-1971 released four singles, and then recorded this LP Scolopendra (centipede), which came after the group disbanded. In 1971 the group has managed to star in a feature film directed by Bruno Korbuchchi Quando gli uomini armarono la clava e ... con le donne fecero din-don (When a woman plays in a ding-dong) (about female sexual boycott of the Stone Age). Also in 1971 the magazine named Caio in 2001 this group of "third-best team in Italy" (after the Formula 3 and the New Trolls, in front of Le Orme) ... About the music - an apocalyptic concept album, where as a central theme - the space environment. The main tool - Hammond organ, complete with plaintive vocals (in Italian). And what fun when the environment deteriorates in space? But for the optimists Fonit Cetra worked, so I just did not push the record into a broad mass of the Italian population, and is sold without advertising pessimism is bad ... Then the group broke up, and (there were still internal conflict), to reunite in 1993 ...

All tracks written by Daniele Ostorero and Patrizio Alluminio except where noted.

01. La Natura e l'Universo - 0:00
02. Scolopendra - 8:03
03. Che fumo c'è - 11:52
04. La Stella di Atades - 14:43
05. Thrilling - 19:25
06. Cosmo (Patrizio Alluminio) - 27:34
07. Pianeta - 31:14

- Patrizio Alluminio - lead vocals, Hammond organ, acoustic & electric piano, harmonium
- Enrico Cagliero - guitars, 12-string bass
- Daniele Ostorero - drums, timpani, percussion
- Giancarlo Chiaramello - producer