HUGE NXT Call-Up Planned?! Seth Rollins ‘Hurt’ By WWE! WWE SWERVED FOX With Draft! | WrestleTalk
  • 3 years ago
Would you want the faction to be called up? Let me know in the comments!
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0:00 - Coming Up...
0:31 - Seth Rollins ‘Hurt’ By WWE
3:05 - WWE Draft Details
5:31 - WWE Adam Cole Pitch Details
6:30 - SummerSlam 2022 Confirmed For UK?
7:25 - Raw Viewership
7:54 - Alexa Bliss Update
8:45 - AEW’s Pinnacle Splitting Up?
9:20 - NXT 2.0 Review
HUGE NXT Call-Up Planned?! Seth Rollins ‘Hurt’ By WWE! WWE SWERVED FOX With Draft! | WrestleTalk
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