How To Cut Onions Like A Pro | Different Ways To Chop An Onion | Basic Cooking

  • 8 years ago
The Bombay Chef Varun Inamdar is here to give you the first lesson on basic cooking. With the chef learn how to chop and slice onions in multiple ways. We are sure you'll start cutting onions like a pro after watching the video. So watch and learn different styles of chopping an onion only on Rajshri Food.

- Onion
- A Sharp Knife
- Cutting Board
- Tissue Paper
- Water

- Place a tissue paper on table and splash some water over it
- Place the cutting board over the wet tissue
- Hold the onion with thumb on one side and rest of the fingers to the other side.
- Cut it in between with a sharp knife
- Slice off the root & top of of the onion and peel the onions
- Place onion into water
- Wash the onions properly

Vertical Slicing
- Keep the cut surface facing towards the board.
- Make fine cuts from one side to another, gradually.
-Keep the knife moving.
- Keep your fingers safe.
- When you reach the end of the onion, twist it , push it down and continue slicing it.

Horizontal Slicing
- Turn it round and start cutting the onion from top to bottom

- Use the tip of knife and cut the onion from side to side
- Now hold the onion and turn it and start cutting horizontally
- Make even and close cuts

- Cut onions into thick slices – some where around half cm thick ( for small dice ) a centimeter and half thick ( for medium slice ) cut half onion into 3 ( for large slice ).
- Turn the angle and continue slicing horizontally
- Run your fingers through it and release all the petals

-Take half onion and cut it into two
- Pick it up and release the petals

- Place onion side ways and slice off the cap and root
- Peel off the onion skin and wash it
- Turn the onion side ways, give an in-cession and press it downwards
- Thinness and thickness can be adjusted
- You can even release the rings