What Are Your Customers Watching While They Wait? Learn How To Improve Your Business Atmosphere.

  • 2 months ago
Do you sometimes sit in a waiting room or at the bar and wonder what to look at?

Atmosphere TV was created to get your attention (and entertain you too) in those moments with a curated stream of engaging, audio-free video content.

Blake Sabatinelli is the CEO of Atmosphere, the world's largest streaming television platform for businesses.

"It's a pretty simple premise, actually. We make TV for businesses," explained Sabatinelli.

Atmosphere is about crafting an engaging out-of-home experience tailored for businesses across various industries.

By curating a diverse range of audioless channels, covering everything from live sports to animal antics to America's Funniest Home Videos, Atmosphere ensures that every business can curate the perfect "atmosphere" for its patrons, far beyond traditional programming. Their content is shown in places all over the world.