CineStars is a daily entertainment report that covers every big story of the day. Whether it’s a red carpet premiere, sneak peek at a new movie or show, hot new album, restaurant or designer, CineStars cover the world of Pop Culture unlike any other syndicated report.

CineStars aggregates its content from premiere sources and packages them into an exciting and informative report that gives your audience everything they crave. And we just don’t report the news, we examine, dissect and tell you what’s really happening out there: who’s on top, bottom or on the way out, who looked terrific or terrible, and who’s doing what to whom and where!

CineStars will become your turnkey solution for entertainment video content. We not only deliver the worlds biggest stars directly to your audience, but we customize the important local content that you’re readers depend on you for.

We can feature your film critic with reviews of the latest release or food critic to talk about where to make reservations or avoid! We will be the video conduit from your talent to your audience seven days a week.

Most importantly, CineStars is offered to you at no cost and will quickly become a dependable revenue stream. CineStars handles all ad sales and we share the revenue with you. We handle all production and editing costs. We will work with your IT department and reporters to ensure they have the technical support that will connect them to our facility. CineStars can customize and publish your player within 24 hours so that we can start generating content right away. It’s that easy.