Celtics In-Season Tournament Hopes | How 'Bout Them Celtics

3 months ago
Sam and Jack are back with the latest Boston Celtics talk. In this one, they break down how the Celtics can still advance in the In-Season Tournament after their loss to the Orlando Magic, explain why the Celtics should be utilizing Kristaps Porzingis more on offense, and discuss Kevin Garnett's rant defending the modern NBA. Plus, they talk about Zach LaVine, TJ Warren, and Jordan Poole. Let us know your thoughts, and as always, thanks for listening to How 'Bout Them Celtics!

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0:00 Intro
2:07 Inpopnito winner
5:22 Celtics In-Season Tournament hopes
11:05 Celtics injuries concerning?
16:34 Time to play more through Porzingis?
26:34 Kevin Garnett rant defending modern NBA
32:30 Email check-in
41:27 NBA standings check-in
48:41 Heat don’t want Zach LaVine
49:59 TJ Warren is BACK
51:03 Heat fans think Cavs have hole in floor
53:27 Kevin Garnett on Jordan Poole
58:30 The Rat List
01:07:37 Outro

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