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Content Warning: This film contains depictions of pre/peri/postnatal anxiety, depression, and birth trauma and may be sensitive for some viewers.

Ignored throughout her pregnancy, Lilith senses her identity is being smothered by her burgeoning motherhood. Her anxieties begin to have physical manifestations - and she starts to fall apart - literally.

"Yummy Mummy" by Gabriela Staniszewska

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Connect with the Filmmakers:
DreamMore Films
DreamMore Films UK (@dreammorefilms) • Instagram
Production Company Website: www.dreammorefilms.com

JADEY DUFFIELD (@jadeyduffield) • Twitter
J A D E Y D U F F I E L D (@jadeyduffield) • Instagram

Gab Staniszewska (@gabstaniszewska) / Twitter

Lead Actress
Yasemin Özdemir (@yaz_ozdemirx) • Instagram
Yasemin Özdemir (@_YOzdemir) • Twitter

More About "Yummy Mummy":
Lilith is being taken over from the inside… disappearing from the world. Slowly, but surely, her family and friends and medical professionals stop listening to her, stop hearing her, stop seeing her. Ignored more and more in the motherhood process, society’s disregard of Lilith’s desires, and of her own sense of identity begins to have physical manifestations. Lilith begins to fall apart; literally. Yummy Mummy is an exploration of the loss of identity during pregnancy and early motherhood: when one person becomes two, then attempts to become only one, once again. It highlights the emotional conflict of the mother-and-child symbiosis, and the mental health struggles a lot of women face when choosing to become mothers.

"Yummy Mummy" Credits:
A DreamMore Films Production
Written & Directed by Gabriela Staniszewska
Produced by Jadey Duffield
Associate producer - Robin Ingle
Executive producers - Alice Cabañas & Alix Taylor
Production Coordinator - Ruth Thompson

Yasemin Ӧzdemir as Lilith
Joe Layton as Ryan
Catherine Shipton as Pam

Director of Photography - Scott Wharram
Sound Design - David Yapp, Paul Donovan, Richard Hinton
Production Design - Rosa Truelove
Make Up & Prosthetics - Anna Randall
Costume Design - Rachel Saunders

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