Birtha — Birtha 1972 and Can’t Stop The Madness 1973 (USA, Hard/Funk Rock)

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Birtha is a two-album all-girl rock band from Los Angeles, California, active from 1968-1974. The band's founding members, bassist Rosemary Butler and guitarist Shel Pinizzotto, began playing music in high school and played in a rock band called The Rapunzels. Then for some time their paths diverged - Butler, under the name of Rosemary Lane, played in the female group "The Ladybirds", which became famous in America after the tour of "The Rolling Stones" in the spring of 1965, "the opening act" for which these girls played. When The Ladybirds disbanded, Rosemary reunited with her high school friend Pinizzotto in The Daisy Chain, where she played under the name Shel Le. "The Daisy Chain" released in 1967 on "United International" a rather interesting album "Straight Or Lame", which is now almost impossible to find ... Then Rosemary and Shel decided to create their own group and called it "Birtha". What they meant is unclear. It is only known that Birtha is a rare female name, in addition, there was such a fortress in Mesopotamia, as well as a kind of domestic moth. So in 1968 there was "Birtha", where Rosemary Butler played bass, Shel Pinizzotto - guitar, Sherry Hagler - keyboards, Olivia Favela (nicknamed Leaver) - drums. All four sang - both the main parts and the second voices. From 1967 to 1972, "Birtha" played clubs all over the West Coast from California to Alaska and were quite popular. At first they played only covers, but since 1971 they began to write their own songs. In 1972, the group was noticed by Gabriel Mekler, producer of the record company ABC Dunhill, who made the famous recordings of "Steppenwolf" and Janis Joplin

(00:00) 01. Free Spirit —
(02:57) 02. Fine Talking Man —
(08:56) 03. Tuesday —
(12:22) 04. Feeling Lonely —
(16:49) 05. She Was Good To Me —
(19:12) 06. Work On A Dream —
(22:06) 07. Too Much Woman (For A Hen Pecked Man) —
(26:06) 08. Judgement Day —
(32:13) 09. Forgotten Soul — 5:11

01. Can’t Stop The Madness — 5:21
02. My Pants Are Too Short — 3:27
03. Freedom — 3:05
04. Let Us Sing — 4:45
05. Don’t Let It Get You Down — 5:52
06. (When Will Ya) Understand — 4:51
07. Rock Me — 3:35
08. All This Love — 3:29
09. Sun — 3:19
10. My Man Told Me — 3:18

Shele Pinizzotto — guitar, vocals
Rosemary Butler — bass, vocals
Sherry Hagler — keyboards, vocals
Olivia «Liver» Favela — drums, percussion, vocals
Gabriel Mekler — producer