Plum Nelly - Deceptive Lines 1971 (USA, Heavy Progressive Rock)

  • 2 years ago
This band was originally called "Creedmore State" and played at the local rock club of the same name. Almost all names are unknown. When signing a contract with Capitol Records, they changed their name to Plum Nelly. The group recorded the album from November to December 1970 under the direction of producer Kenneth Cooper. The band toured the US and moved to Los Angeles in 1974. Plum Nelly disbanded in 1976, John Walker became the first face of The John Earl Walker Band of the late 70s and early 80s. Backing vocals on this CD were provided by Sweet Inspirations, led by Cissy Houston, the mother of Whitney, the future super-pop star.

(00:00) 01. Deception
(08:55) 02. Carry On
(16:00) 03. The Demon
(22:49) 04. Lonely Man's Cry
(30:15) 05. Sail Away
(38:59) 06. Never Done

Ric Prince - vocals, keyboards
John E. Walker - lead vocals
Steve Ross - rhytm guitar, vocals
Peter Harris - bass, vocals
Christopher Llloyd - drums, percussion
Jeremy Staig - flute, alto piccolo
”Sweet Inspirations” - vocal background ( 04)
Dave Bash Johnson - congas, timbales (02)
Kenneth Cooper - producer