Shaun Harris — Shaun Harris 1973 (USA, Psychedelic/Folk Rock)

  • 2 years ago
The solo album of the ex-member of the 60s group "The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band", also played in the bands "The Laughing Wind" and "The Rogues". Born March 2, 1946 in Colorado Springs, son of pianist Johana Harris and composer Roy Harris, brother of Danny Harris. After playing in two bands in the late 60s, he released a solo album in 1973, and worked with Barry Manilow, but eventually left the music scene. Very beautiful, gentle album.

(00:00) 01. Empty Without You
(02:47) 02. I’ll Cry Out
(05:44) 03. Underachiever
(08:18) 04. Color Of Your Eyes
(11:13) 05. Canadian Ships
(15:03) 06. Today’s A Day
(18:10) 07. Highest Dreams
(20:23) 08. Misty Morning
(23:43) 09. Love Has Gone Away
(26:46) 10. Rock And Roll Idol
(29:20) 11. I’ll Cry Out (Mono Single Mix)

Shaun Harris — lead & backing vocals, guitar, bass, arranger, producer
Dan Harris — guitar, backing vocals
Ben Benay, Bobby Phillips, Dean Parks — guitar
Johana Harris, Larry Knechtel, Michael Omartian — keyboards
Carol Kaye, Joe Osborn — bass
Hal Blaine, Jim Gordon, John Guerin — drums
Bruce Johnston — backing vocals (09)
David Davis — arranger
Michael Lloyd — producer