Eski Burdur - Old Burdur / Eski Türkiye - Old Turkey (Renkli - Colorized) 1930'larla 1980'ler arası görüntüler / fotoğraflar - Images / photos between 1930's and 1980's

  • 3 years ago
Burdur is one of the cities that have so many ancient marks in it in Turkey. Its history goes to the paleolithic age and it is known that first men had lived here.

Where does the name of Burdur come from? To be honest, the story of the name of this city is very interesting. According to a myth, the founders of the city was Turkmenian clans and they were amazed by the beauty of this area. It is told that they say “heaven is here, hold the door of this city and stay here!” when they first saw Burdur. In Turkish, “stay here” means “burada dur”. This sentence changed in time and it became “Burdur” at the end. Spoiler alert! Does it remind you of Game of Thrones? Because in an episode, a boy who had talent to see the future was holding a door to help his friends and shouting “hold the door! “. Then we learn that the name of that boy; Hodor comes from the word of “hold the door”. Who knows, author of got may be a fan of history and Burdur impressed him… Burdur is one of the most beautiful cities in Mediterranean Region with its thousand years historical background and natural beauties. In archaeological digs, some marks about the passing from hunter and collector tribes to settled life, village formation, using pots and pans were found in Burdur. These signs are very significant in terms of development of human. Also pots with human face figure on them and figures of mother goddess were found in digs. The ancient era of Burdur is not so clear. This refers to the beginning of 2000 B. C. It is known that in the 17th century B. C, Hittite lived in Burdur. The second civilisation is Phrygians according to the artifacts which had been dug later. Other significant civilisations lived in this area are Lydians, Persians, Macedonians (Alexander the Great), Carians, Lycians, Pergamom and Rome Empire. When you go to Burdur, you will feel like history follows you step by step and you will also find remnants of each civilisation in the ruin of the city. The most important ones are; Kremna, Komama (Ürkütlü), Olbasa (Belenli) and Sagalassos. In 1920, Burdur was announced as an independent district and after the proclamation of the Turkish Republic, in 1923, it became a province.

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