Eski Artvin - Old Artvin / Eski Türkiye - Old Turkey (Renkli - Colorized) 1880'lerle 1980'ler arası görüntüler / fotoğraflar - Images / photos between 1880's and 1980's

  • 3 years ago
Artvin is a province in Turkey, on the Black Sea coast in the northeastern corner of the country, on the border with Georgia. The provincial capital is the city of Artvin.

The cities of Eastern Black Sea Region and the Black Sea region, such as Trabzon and Rize, are famous cities with their natural beauty in Artvin city. These natural and historical areas are preserved together with the preservation of these areas in Artvin municipality. Artvin, considered as the center of nature tourism, is a city visited by many tourists at every period of the year with dozens of sightseeing worth seeing. Especially famous Artvin Yaylaları has announced its name to the outside of the country, it is the most rare points of nature's wonders of the world. As a result of the parallel arrangements made in parallel with the tourism field, the promotions are being increased one more step and continue to operate as one of the most striking paradise corners of our country. Artvin, a green homeland, presents its guests with an awesome nature feast with their eye-filling colors. In addition, dozens of cities are continuing to add value to the value of the historic venue.

-- Siyah-beyaz ve renklendirilmiş yüksek çözünürlüklü eski Artvin fotoğrafları ile şehrin tarihinde kısa bir yolculuğa çıkacaksınız. 1880'li yıllardan 1980'li yıllara en nostaljik görüntüler.--

--Eski zamanların en geniş tarih ve nostalji arşivi için kanalımızı takip edebilirsiniz.--