Eski Ağrı - Old Ağrı / Eski Türkiye - Old Turkey (Renkli - Colorized) 1900'lerle 1980'ler arası görüntüler / fotoğraflar - Images / photos between 1900's and 1980's

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About Ağrı

According to the famous legend, Noah’s ark ran aground on the Ağrı Mountain after the great flood. Ağrı Mountain, which is world-famous thanks to this legend, is located within the borders of Ağrı, which is a very beautiful city with its Fish Lake (Balik Golu) with unequaled panorama, wide plains, streams watering these plains and beautiful plateaus.

Agri has had a strategic importance for centuries, as it is located between Anatolia and Middle Asia. It was also a stop for those who were migrating to East Anatolia. But Agri was not a culture and civilization center throughout its history. Because of migrations, raids and its location (it is located on the border) the residents of Agri always changed. Agri suffered at the hands of wars, raids and such kind of events.

In the city that is believed to be founded by the Urartu People in the 15th century BC, lived Kimer People, Persians and Macedonians one after the other and until it was conquered by Yavuz Sultan Selim to be ruled by the Ottomans, it was inhabited by Mongolians, Ilhan People, Karakoyun People and Safavi People. Beyazit, which was a province for years during the Ottoman reign, became a Turkish city together with the Republic. In 1927, the city was called Sorbulak, Karakilise or Karakose for geographical, economic, population and transportation-based reasons, and started to be called Agri in 1938 inspiring from the Agri Mountain, which is the highest mountain of Turkey, located within the borders of the city.

-- Siyah-beyaz ve renklendirilmiş yüksek çözünürlüklü eski Ağrı fotoğrafları ile şehrin tarihinde kısa bir yolculuğa çıkacaksınız. 1900'lü yıllardan 1980'li yıllara en nostaljik görüntüler.--

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