Free Preview of Boxing and Kickboxing Workout From 4-Week Full-Body Fusion

  • 4 years ago
Try out a 14-minute preview of a boxing and kickboxing workout with Christa DiPaolo. If you love this sweat session, you can check out the full 40-minute workout (and 24 more videos!) in 4-Week Full-Body Fusion, a curated four-week-long fitness plan from five of our favorite instructors. Get the benefits of strength, cardio, and flexibility all in one program. See your progress each week with 25 easy-to-follow workout videos, all under 45 minutes. Each workout is shown with modifications, so you can follow along at any fitness level.
Your inspiring trainers sweat with you through every session with energy and motivation, supporting you on your fitness journey. In this program, you'll get:

6 cardio barre workouts from Jake DuPree
6 cardio + strength-training workouts from Raneir Pollard

6 boxing + conditioning workouts from Christa DiPaolo

4 dance cardio workouts from Amanda Kloots

3 yoga + meditation classes from Koya Webb

Four weeks to a healthier, stronger you!