Jordan Peterson on Mass Psychosis and Marxism | Oz Talk with Jordan Peterson

  • 5 months ago
In this video, Dr. Oz and Jordan Peterson explore the topic of mass psychosis. Jordan Peterson touches upon the collective virtue of following what the masses are saying and doing. He expresses that although you should serve your community, what if your community is wrong? This could be dangerous. If so, then you need the capacity of malevolence to say, “No.”

Also, Jordan Peterson presents the question, “When does obedience become pathological?” He explains that you need to be mindful of when the collective asks something of you that violates your conscious. This can only happen if you have had a dialogue with your conscious for a while.

Later, Dr. Oz mentions that many people feel they are part of a herd and might not do as much questioning as they would have done maybe a decade ago. Jordan Peterson attributes this to the way systems are constructed and how social and economic structures also come into play. When people say that Marxism could be the solution that could eradicate the problem of inequality, Jordan Peterson feels that Marxism fails to contend with the depth of the problem of inequality. He says that it is a natural and even a physical phenomenon because advantage breeds advantage. You get to a point in life where everything you do may bring more money. You may know more people, you may have more resources, and more people may know you. But by the same token, disadvantage breeds disadvantage.