Advice For Coping With Our Stressful Modern World

3 months ago
Advice For Coping , With Our Stressful , Modern World.
Blog A Life of Productivity reflected on a month-long sabbatical from work and digital life. .
The break illustrated how unplugging
can help us slow down and calm our minds.
Here's what A Life of Productivity recommended
to help you reconnect with analog life. .
1. Take advantage of gaps in your day , Instead of reaching for your phone
in between tasks, take a moment to breathe
and think about the next thing you have to do. .
2. Let yourself daydream, Keeping your digital devices out of reach
offers you time to let your mind wander. .
Giving yourself time to daydream can help you determine
the best path forward, like a plan for overcoming
obstacles that stand between you and your goals. .
3. Meditation provides a shortcut for slowing down , Regular meditation can also help you
cope with stress and boost productivity. .
4. Choose analog, When you have the option to do something physically, as opposed to digitally, go with the analog choice. .
Reading a book, socializing and journaling
are examples of activities that have
both analog and digital options. .
5. Schedule a regular technology break, Set aside time daily or weekly when you can completely disconnect from devices and screens. .
Slow down your daily routine and take
time to develop your inner calm