Japanese Sushi Chain Turns to Cartoon Conveyor Belts

5 months ago
Japanese Sushi Chain Turns to Cartoon Conveyor Belts
A Japanese sushi chain, Sushiro, has come up with a creative solution to combat a series of pranks that have raised concerns about hygiene.
The chain has introduced digital conveyor belts to serve food to customers.
Instead of the traditional rotating conveyor belt, customers can now order by tapping on screens showing cartoon sushi and other food.
The sushi will then be delivered directly to their table on a separate conveyor belt from the kitchen.
This new "next-generation shop experience" aims to provide a safer and more enjoyable dining experience for customers.
The chain's decision to implement these digital conveyor belts comes after a string of pranks known as "sushi terrorism."
Inspired by viral online videos, pranksters filmed themselves tampering with food on the conveyor belts or licking shared soy sauce bottles.
These incidents have caused a significant drop in customers and a slump in the stock of the chain's parent company.
Akindo Sushiro, the company behind the Sushiro chain, believes that the new touchscreens combine a digital experience with the traditional pleasure of seeing the belts and choosing sushi.
The screens can be used by two people at once, and diners can also play games and quizzes on the terminals.
While some customers appreciate the effort to improve hygiene and reduce food waste, others worry that the move could diminish the essence of the traditional kaiten style.
The introduction of cartoon conveyor belts by Sushiro is a creative response to the challenges posed by the "sushi terrorism" pranks.
By incorporating digital technology, the chain aims to provide a safer and more modern dining experience for its customers.
While some patrons appreciate the effort, others express concerns about losing the traditional kaiten style.
Only time will tell if this innovative approach will be embraced by sushi lovers around the world.
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