Part 3 - Future Hi-Tech Products That Are About To Change Our World

  • 2 years ago
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AI Image-Generation
Creates Images Based On Inputted Words

Human Composting
Reduces Ecological Footprint

Lab-Made Dairy Products
Creates Dairy Products

Satellite Mega-Constellations
Provides Worldwide Internet Access

Realistic Holographs
Creates 3D Images

Direct Air Capture
Absorbs CO2

3D-Printed Bones
Aids In Bone Implant Surgery

Creates 4D Objects

Living Robots Made of Stem Cells
Delivers Medication

Color Changing Cars
Changes Color

Seawater Into Fuel
Reduces Fossil Fuel Usage

Hydrogen Planes
Eliminates Carbon Emissions

Delivers Aromas From The Screen To Your Nose

Artificial Neurons on Silicon Chips
Reproduces Electrical Properties of Neurons

Mind-Controlled Headphones
Controls Music Playback With The User’s Mind

Sweat Powered Wearables
Charges Smartwatches

Internet for Everyone
Provides Connection To The Billions Without Internet

Artificial Embryos
Embryos Being Created Without The Help Of An Egg Or Sperm.

Artificial Eyes
Implants New, Functioning Eyes Into Bilaterally Blind People

Sand Batteries
Turns A Container Of Sand Into A Building Heater

Clothes That Can Hear
Fabric Can Detect Even The Faintest Of Sounds

Edible Aid Disaster Relief Drones
Converts Into A Makeshift Tent & Has Food Stored In Its Wings

Electricity From Nature
Makes Renewable Energy From Soil

Animal to Human Translations
Translates Animal Expressions/Vocalizations To Human Language

Touch Hear Text Recognition
Helps Seeing Impaired People Read

Invisible Headphones
Enhances The Listening Experience

Underwater Gloves
Gloves Mimic The Suction Of An Octopus’ Tentacles

AI-Optimized Manufacturing
Uses Artificial Intelligence To Make Supply Chains Run Better

Autonomous Driving
The Car Drives Itself With No Human Interference

Accelerated Digital Transformation
Digitizing Companies And Quickly Making Them High-Tech

Fog Computing
Stores Big Data Somewhere Between The Cloud And Data Source

Implants Animal Tissue Into A Human

Car Batteries that Charge in 10 Minutes
Avoids lithium spikes and heat damage

Using Plants as Biological Switches
Turns A Plant Into An Eco-Light-Switch

Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Used In A Wide-Ranging, Expansive Capacity

Reusable Rockets
Rockets Won’t Combust When They Land

AI Chatbots
Mirrors A Human Customer Service Rep In An Online Chat

Robotic Retail
Makes Shipping Time Even Faster Through The Use Of Small Warehouses

Neural Network That Can Talk To A Human Being Coherently

Wi-Fi 7
More Advanced, Faster WiFi Than Ever Seen Before

Bionic Ears
Device Implanted In The Ear To Allow A Deaf Person To Hear