Part 5 - Future Hi-Tech Products That Are About to Change Our World

  • 2 years ago
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Flat lens device that can manipulate light/electromagnetic waves

Nebia Shower Systems To Save Water
Atomized streaming saves up to 70% water without decreased pressure

Organic Burial Pods
Burial pod lets your body become the seed of a new tree to grow

Plastic-Free Edible Flight Meal Trays
In-flight meal tray made of coconut wood, wheat bran & banana leaves

Vertical Forests
Buildings turned into vertical, green forests in the middle of urban cities

Hotel Rooms On Wheels
Modular, rolling hotels that could be the future of the travel industry

High-Tech Nylon
Nylon that can be used to line hydrogen vehicle fuel tanks

Adverse-Effect AI Predictors
AI predicts who will have a bad reaction to medications

Hurricane Forecasting Sensors
Tracks how a hurricane forms waves and where its heading next

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)
Teaches consumers about AI (itself), so that they trust brands more

IRIS Sensors
Helps computers perceive the world how human and animal eyes do

Hypersonic Missiles
Missiles that travel much faster than the speed of sound

Blood Test Can Capture Ovarian Cancer Cells
Can detect cancer through a blood test

Aqua Penguin
Swims through water like a robotic fish

Hypersonic Missiles
Missiles that travel much faster than the speed of sound

A TV With Motion Sensors
TV senses when you walk into a room, turning on “Ambient Experience”

Heavy Machinery That Is Super-Quiet
Quietly hums due to new technologies revolutionizing industry

AC Units That Don’t Strain The Electrical Grid
Efficient, affordable, eco-friendly AC superior to today’s outdated tech

Virtual Thinking For Perfect Forests
Helps forest managers select the right species for a planting area

Enriched Seaweed To Help Fight World Hunger
Technology promotes the growth of enriched seaweed

Edible Six-Pack Rings
Six-pack beer rings made from wheat and barley, not plastic

New Way To Research And Treat Kidney Disease
Can culture podocytes and research how they’ve been affected

Drone-Zapping Weaponry
Lasers & microwaves eliminate drone threats from the airspace

Forest-Fire Detection System
Analyzes millions of acres finding weak spots that need clearing

Flood Awareness Technology Using Hyperlocal Sensors
Sensors and technology keep people informed where floods are

AI, Laser-Powered Cockroach Zapper
Uses AI to sense cockroaches and lasers to zap them

Tech That Helps Sick Cattle Get Better
Ear tags use AI to analyze cattle behavior for health assessments

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