YG and Mozzy Talk Fatherhood, Crypto, Paintball and More | Musicians on Musicians

  • 3 years ago
YG and Mozzy — who recently released their collaborative album Kommunity Service — discuss being girl dads, Cabo vacations, crypto investing, and more in a new conversation for Rolling Stone’s Musicians on Musicians series.

The conversation began with the pair discussing the advice they would give their younger selves, both regarding life and being an artist. Mozzy spoke about wanting to tell his younger self that there’s a wide world beyond his hometown, while YG said he wouldn’t want to tamper too much with his younger self as all his past mistakes and triumphs made him who he is now. But YG did say he’d want to warn his past self about some of the record industry’s shadier aspects.

“I’ll tell myself how to move with that situation because that situation led me to doing shit that I really didn’t want to do,” he says. “But I’ll be trying to get out of my record deal, so I’m finna do it like this because I don’t want to feel like a slave no more, I’m tired of that. I’m finna go work on this music, put this shit out, but I don’t make no money from this shit. All them other motherfuckers were making the money, and I wasn’t with that.”

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