Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts Recipe

  • 5 years ago
Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Brussels sprouts
Lemon juice
Hard Italian cheese


Prep the Brussels sprouts by removing the outer leaves and trimming off the ends.
Quarter the Brussels Sprouts.
Thinly slice the shallots.
Juice the lemon.
Grate the cheese.

Fill a deep heavy bottomed pot halfway with Canola oil, or other deep fry oil.
Bring oil to 350ºF.
Carefully place the Brussels sprouts in the oil, and fry for two minutes.
Add the shallots to the pot and fry for about 2 minutes more.
Remove to rack to drain the oil, or to a paper towel lined dish.
Place the sprouts and shallots into a serving bowl and toss with the grated cheese, lemon juice and salt.