DIY Summer Hair

  • last month
What's the easiest and best way to update your beauty game this summer? We have the scoop on the latest in DIY hair color. So how do we get the best color of our lives all by our self at home? Well, only L'Oréal Paris, the inventors of permanent hair color, could reinvent the at-home color category...and they did. L'Oréal Colorsonic , a revolutionary device that reminds us, actually, of a high-end espresso machine, but instead of coffee, you're coloring your hair. You just pick, pop, press - pick your shade, pop in the cartridge, and press the button. It mixes the dye and developer automatically, and then the color comes out through the bristles, mess-free and freshly 'brewed' every time. Then all you have to do is brush the tool through your hair--the moving bristles adjust their speed to distribute the perfect amount of color for your hair type, your thickness, curl pattern, length, and texture. The entire process, whether you're just doing your roots or going from root to tip, takes just five minutes. It's an incredibly innovative tool that took 10 years to develop and perfect and has over 29 patents. It was also actually named best of innovation award honoree at the consumer electronics show and one of time magazine's top 100 inventions. There are 20 gorgeous shades to choose from with the help of a L'Oréal Color Quiz. And the formula gives you rich, high-shine color and 100% gray coverage, perfect for women like me whose gray roots come back in, like, two weeks. I also love it for in-between salon visits, for when I just need a quick touch up and can't get to the salon. And for anyone dealing with their first grays, Colorsonic is your new best friend. Your hair also feels nourished and hydrated, and the formula is free from ammonia, silicones, and phthalates. L'Oréal really kept sustainability in mind, as well. And check this out, each cartridge gives you a full head of color, but if you're just doing your roots, you can get up to three uses out of each cartridge; so what you don't use you can save for next time. The Colorsonic device is $124.99 and the color cartridges are $29.99, and you can get them online at , or in store at target later this summer.