Summer Beauty Guide 2024

  • 29 days ago
Summer is almost officially here and we've got the scoop on some summer beauty dos for the season. For this season, we're seeing people have a lot of fun with hair color right now including little pops of lavender, blue, pink, and of course the traditional caramel and blonde highlights are going nowhere. Whether you're trying one of these new colors, or even a new cut, or just really feeling the results of time at the pool and added sun exposure, the products you use matter. We love Pantene, their shampoos and conditioning duos are great go-tos when your hair needs some extra love. They are just really a high-quality luxury brand without the luxury price tag. And they just launched this amazing duo the Pantene Pro-V Miracles Infinite Lengths shampoo and the new Miracle Rescue Deep Repair Conditioner with Melting Pro-V Pearls . The conditioner is really the star of the show, it has these pearls you can see it here that swell and actually melt into your hair strands and visibly repair six months of damage without weighing down. You can immediately feel the difference right in the shower, it just feels completely moisturized, strong and healthy looking. It repairs existing bonds and builds new ones and works as well as some $60 hair bonding treatments out there. We love using this shampoo with it because it's loaded with biotin, collagen, vitamin E which gives you up to 90% less hair breakage. You can find it at all drugstores and supermarkets for a steal. And you know you can do a lot with those savings, like get the latest in summer makeup trends. This summer it's all about more color! Lots of fun eyeshadows and colorful mascaras. The 90s lip color is back too from mauvy, beigey, browns, and berries, terracotta, and what some are calling the muted, blurry look. It's liner a little bit extended over the lip line and smudged a bit...almost like you've been wearing it all day.