7 Ways You Can Help Keep Oceans Clean

  • 22 days ago
7 Ways You Can , Help Keep Oceans Clean.
1. Cut down on plastic use.
Switching to things like reusable bags and
water bottles can help fight against the 8 million tons
of plastic that gets into our oceans every year.
2. Volunteer to clean up.
Talk to local politicians and community
groups to see if there's already an ocean cleaning
effort near you. If not, start your own.
3. Donate to an ocean charity.
Not everyone lives near an ocean and
can help clean up, but giving money to those
fighting for the cause goes a long way.
4. Be mindful of
what you flush.
Flushing things such as medicines, wet wipes, cotton
balls, floss, cat litter, insecticides, vegetable oil and
paint can harm waterways, soil and oceans.
5. Watch what you eat.
Find out if your seafood is sourced in an
ethical way that protects the ocean's ecosystems
and doesn't pollute the water.
6. Conserve water.
When an excess amount of water ends
up at sewage treatment plants, it can overwhelm
the systems, and pollutants can still end up
in oceans, rivers and streams.
7. Share what you know
with friends and family.
The more people are educated,
the more problems can be solved