10 Interesting Facts About Earth's Oceans

  • 3 years ago
10 Interesting Facts
About Earth's Oceans.
1. The deepest part of the ocean is
called Challenger Deep, and it is
within the Mariana Trench.
It is said to have a depth
of around 36,000 feet.
2. The Denmark Strait cataract,
Earth's highest underwater waterfall, can be found in
the Atlantic Ocean and has an 11,500-ft drop.
3. Point Nemo in the Pacific Ocean
is farthest from any land on Earth.
4. Over $60 billion in
sunken treasure is said to still be
in oceans around the world.
5. There are literal "dead zones"
that cannot sustain any sea life.
6. 70 percent of the oxygen
we breathe comes from
marine plants in the oceans.
7. The sea has a blue tint
because of orange and red
wavelengths from the sun.
8. Oceanographers have used
rubber ducks to get a better
understanding of water currents.
9. The ocean's floor contains cables from
communications companies that allow
the internet to travel across the globe.
10. Around 80 percent of
volcanic eruptions occur under water