Wales headlines 23 February: Sunak calls Welsh farm subsidies plan ‘shocking’
  • 2 months ago
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has weighed in on the ongoing saga of farm subsidies in Wales saying the current plans are shocking. Farmers wrote to the PM to ask him to intervene and withhold Welsh agricultural budget if it wasn’t changed. The Welsh government say it’s designed to help all farmers.

Hospital waiting times in Wales have gone down for a second consecutive month, but experts say the list in still essentially in limbo. Cancer waiting times saw improvements and A and E waiting times saw small improvements, with the health Minister Eluned Morgan saying she was delighted by the latest figures.

Penblwydd Hapus to the Welsh flag Y Ddraig Goch. Friday the 23 February marked the 65th anniversary of the flag being officially adopted as the national flag of Wales. The red dragon - which is definitely one of the best globally - has been associated with Wales for centuries but it was only in 1959 that it was made official.