Wales headlines 26 February: Farming minister says ‘changes will be made’ to subsidies plan
  • 2 months ago
A decades old train line has reopened for the first time in 10 months, meaning services has resumed between Cardiff and Treherbert. The line was updated, with plenty of infrastructure on the route being over 100 years old. Ministers have warned that newer carriages would come in the future.

The Welsh government have announced they will rethink their current agricultural subsidies plan after protests from farmers across Wales. The farming minister has says changed will be made, but a public consultation will first take place. The initial plans meant farmers had to use 10% of their land for planting trees.

Wales suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Ireland on the weekend. Expectations were low for the national side, who have failed to win in Dublin in 12 years, but the thirty one to seven loss showed plenty of weaknesses for a young side in transition. Wales next play France on Sunday 10th March in Cardiff.