The Making Of Kathryn Bernardo's Preview Cover Shoot | The Making Of | PREVIEW

3 months ago
Whether on social media or on our billboards along EDSA, chances are, you've caught a glimpse of Kathryn Bernardo's viral November 2023 Preview cover.
Epitomizing effortless cool, Kath commands the frame looking raw and unfazed as she stares directly at the camera in a Randolf Red Heart Bra. It was an exclamation point moment for those who've tuned in to her colorful 20-year career, because not only is it a look we haven't seen on her before, the energy at the shoot was also as palpable: Here's someone who isn't afraid to stand in her truth and be unapologetically herself. The "good girl" former teen queen isn't one to be bound by the successes of yesteryears, and guess what, her fans loved her even more for it.
In this special episode of The Making Of, we go behind the scenes of Kathryn's November 2023 cover shoot and learn more about the concept and how it was brought to life by the Preview team. Press play to hear all about it!