Beyoncé’s mother fires back at ‘racist’ skin-lightening comments

3 months ago
Tina Knowles has slammed all claims that Beyoncé was “trying to be a white woman” at the premiere of her 'Renaissance' movie.Knowles called these accusations “ignorant” as her daughter opted for platinum blonde hair at the 'Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé' premiere.The 69-year-old wrote on her Instagram story, “How sad is it that some of her own people continue the stupid narrative with hate...”"She does a film, called the renaissance, where the whole theme is silver with silver hair, a silver carpet, and suggested silver attire and you bozos decide that she's trying to be a white woman and is bleaching her skin?", also wrote Knowles.This was simply a fashion statement and Knowles felt she had to defend her daughter after a “white woman felt so entitled to discuss her blackness."Knowles said that she’s “tired of stupid, ignorant, self-hating, racist statements" about her daughter and concluded, “I am sick of you losers.”