How to Win on Twitter

3 months ago
Here’s the story of how this former school teacher hacked the secret to Twitter growth – and now makes over $40K per month. Pay attention, class is in session!

I had the pleasure of chatting with one of my most anticipated guests, The Art of Purpose, better known on Twitter as @creation247, to discuss how exactly he went from band teacher to Twitter Masterclass teacher. He detailed his insane journey of progressing from never writing a tweet before to having nearly 16K tweets under his belt. For him, content creation is not just a hobby, but an innate part of his life. AOP is constantly writing tweets and brainstorming ideas – even when cutting the grass. If there’s one thing he wants creators to know, it’s that they need to get comfortable with creating.On this episode of the pod, I got a lesson in content writing, starting a successful Twitter account, growing a Masterclass community, and advice for new creators from the Twitter growth guru himself.




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