Turn the BOE Around with Stephanie Link of Hightower Advisors

  • 3 months ago
Guy, Dan and Danny discuss the BOE intervention (7:30), the S&P 500 below the June lows (12:00), Stanley Druckenmiller predicting a recession (17:50), yield volatility (22:12), why gold can’t get going (29:23), opportunities in the market (31:02), Danny ROTTs on what’s really broken (41:35), and NFL picks of the week (47:02). The co-hosts interview Stephanie Link, Chief Investment Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Hightower Advisors, and talk about how much has changed in the market over the last ten months (53:21), whether things are different this time (56:17), the outlook for earnings (1:02:36), when to pivot on an investment (1:05:21), opportunities in the stock market (1:07:26), and if the market can rally without big tech (1:15:26).