Life Hacks for Audience & Mentality Growth

3 months ago
The secret to work-life balance? It doesn’t really exist!

Clint Murphy joins the pod to break down just how he balances – or as he would say integrates – a full-time job as a CFO, being a husband & father, and managing his 140,000+ social media followers. Better known as @IAmClintMurphy on Twitter, chances are if you’ve seen a Twitter thread, Clint wrote it. Clint wears many hats – he's pursuing his goals and working nonstop towards them. And he knows that does not fall within the typical 9-5 structure. Clint is operating with very few days (even very few hours) off the clock and loads of coffee, grinding to build a successful Twitter, podcast, and social media presence. I was happy to have some one-on-one, face-to-face time to chat with Clint beyond our conversations on Spaces. On this episode of the pod, Clint and I had a great deep-dive talk about his accounting turned Real Estate background, why he is 95% invested in Real Estate, jumping into the creator space, his podcast, personal branding, prioritizing his workload and what he does daily to achieve his goals. Clint also dished on how he is building his brand now to achieve his five goals in the future, and guided me through being the face of his brand and developing the “Growth Guide” to help people grow personally, professionally, and financially.




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